Who are we?

ElectroniX was founded in 2005 by Os in Ann Arbor, MI; who was basically more concerned with his gear and recording setup as a musician rather than supplying the industry with hand-made pedals. After a short while, Murat and Pinar had joined the team and they began to design pedals as a hobby. They were in college and also had rent and other expenses, so they decided to get into this as a business.

Their first commercial pedal was Plug’n Smile (Yes, we never were good at naming things :) ), designed in a day with false confidence. It was sold to a veteran musician in Chicago, David Miller, who immediately returned it along with a two page constructive feedback note. After that, we took the process more seriously and designed Submarine Preamp, which was originally intended to work as “instant actifier” for low output vintage type basses. We continue to work with David Miller on a couple of other projects and we acknowledge him as one of the reasons that we are still in business today with his continuous support, cooperation and positive attitude.

Submarine is still one of the best selling pedals and it was the one started all. Os was the lead designer of ElectroniX pedals, while Murat was the power safety engineer and Pinar was more concerned about the CAD software and internal design. They designed plastic enclosure preamp pedals and practice amps for a while. After college, Pinar was recruited by a leading engineering firm, while Murat went to Germany to pursue a M.Sc. degree, leaving Os as the only active founding member of ElectroniX. He decided to stay a musician and a pedal designer as a full time job and began designing the wide selection of pedals ElectroniX offering today. On 2006 (as Os checks the script on his ring), Os and Pinar decided to face the challenges of the world as a married couple and moved to Houston, TX a couple of years later.

On 2010, ElectroniX closed its doors for about 6 months due to personal reasons, which was followed by a change in organization structure and the name. All the pedals and pickups you love is now sold under the name of Zeibek ™ Boutique Pedals.

Zeibek offers 14 pedals (plus 4 in-development projects), 10 acoustic guitar pickups (plus 2 in-development projects); all of which were designed and are still built in US by Zeibek and its partners to ensure the highest quality and consistency.