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Zeibek to Close Doors Indefinitely

Hi, I am sad to announce that I will no longer build pedals. The decision was not easy, yet it is the right one at least for the time being. I suggest reading this whole text as you will find important information when you weed out the personal stuff I pointlessly shared. For those who […]
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Update Jan 31 2011

That’s Os. :)
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We are Operating at Limited Capacity and Liquidating All Pedals That are Branded as ElectroniX

As we are eagerly waiting to receive the pedal enclosures that are imprinted with Zeibek logo, we will start liquidating the pedals branded as ElectroniX. Cori will be listing them in our eBay store. This is a great chance for you to grab your favorite pedal at a discount price, so visit the eBay store […]
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2011 Clearance! Great deals!

What we have here is the 2011 clearance sale! Do not forget to check out our eBay store for additional items! There are lots of pedals that are brand new and never have been used. They were just built before the name change, so they are branded as ElectroniX instead of Zeibek. Some of them […]
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The 2011 Price List

To download the PDF version, please click here.
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The New Email Accounts

We were having problems with our email accounts since the URL change. I was able to fix the issues permanently and commissioned new email accounts with the extension. Some emails might be lost. So if you do not receive a response soon, please assume that yours got the accidental pollaxe of the complicated IT […]
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Information Updates Concerning Shipping Times, Staff, etc

The following sections are updated: FAQ About Us Discontinued Pedals FYI. Your Friendly Admin
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Happy Holidays!

I wish you guys a happy holiday season! We will be back on Monday, the Jan 3rd.
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Change is happenning with Zeibek ™, but how will it affect you?

From this point on, our pedals will be known as Zeibek. It is not just a trademark change, it is also a revolution on ElectroniX does business. Zeibek, although being a trademark of ElectroniX, will operate independently. In a way, ElectroniX will handle anything to do with the customers and operate as a “dealer” of […]
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An Important Note for current customers

Hey guys, Website admin here. I had been given the job migrate everything to and design stuff for some time ago. Os and I hadn’t talked since then, until today. He asked me to let you know that he was not available for personal reasons and he will hopefully start answering e-mails starting tomorrow […]
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Sound clips are up for your listening pleasure!

I finally uploaded the sound clips for most of the pedals. This time I used a real amp and real guitar cabinet; they sound really good in my opinion. For more details, please visit the Recording FAQ page. The only pedals without sound samples are StarBlaster and Stronghold. My personal ones were borrowed and were […]
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Information concerning GeminiDrive owners and GeminiDrive MK2

The most versatile bass overdrive is more versatile now, if such a thing is politically possible. All of you would know that I was on a 4 month hiatus. I used that time to improve pedal designs among other things and GeminiDrive should be the most improved design of all. Whole circuit board was updated […]
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We are back, stronger than ever! (AKA Random news)

I took a time off from building pedals a little over 4 months ago. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right one at the time. But this is not the news I intend to write about. I always hear about boutique style businesses making a really good start and getting bigger day […]
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ElectroniX 2009/2010 Pedal Price List

For PDF version, please click here
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The NEW ElectroniX website is ALMOST ready!

Keep up the patience people, I know it has been over 3 months. But we are back and we are stronger than ever. The website is not fully functional yet, still some construction is going on. So pardon the virtual dust please. I will be back with a more detailed “Oh, It is on!” post […]
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