Change is happenning with Zeibek ™, but how will it affect you?

From this point on, our pedals will be known as Zeibek. It is not just a trademark change, it is also a revolution on ElectroniX does business.

Zeibek, although being a trademark of ElectroniX, will operate independently. In a way, ElectroniX will handle anything to do with the customers and operate as a “dealer” of Zeibek. In other words, I will not be handling sales, shipping, customer service, promotion, advertising, financing, book-keeping, etc. Zeibek will only be responsible from actual production, R & D, knowledge-base questions, etc. Zeibek will have the total control on creativity and final product, while ElectroniX will have the financial control.

That also means, Zeibek will have other dealers in the future and ElectroniX will not be only dealing Zeibek pedals. That is when I am ready for it. The reason for this change is simple, providing much better customer service to you guys. The more time I spend designing pedals and building stuff, the faster you receive your order and the better overall quality of the pedals.

We will start outsourcing paint jobs and imprinting very soon. Not only the result will look much better, but also it will be much more durable. Not to mention it will cut the lead time to 1-2 days. All electronics that you came to love will still be built in our Houston shop.

On that note; whenever you purchase a Zeibek Effects Pedal, you will be actually helping to provide jobs in following states: Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, New York and New Jersey. It feels so good that we have the chance to work with people all around the USA. We are proud. As our customers, you should be too.

So yes, everything you love will stay the same including where we stand, but how we do it will make a huge difference. And yeah, we are called Zeibek now.



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