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1.1 Isn’t it like boring to write FAQ section? What is the purpose?!

It beats answering these questions over and over again, so please pay attention to this FAQ section since it covers 90% of the questions. The more time we spend on building pedals, the faster you receive your order.

1.2 Who are you guys?

We are musicians, just like you. Check out About Us section for more info.

1.3 Aren’t you the same guys who used to build the ElectroniX pedals? What is the deal?

Yes, we are. We decided the change our product line’s name to Zeibek. We also underwent some structural and organizational changes in order to serve you better, so it is not just a name change. Zeibek is the given name of an Eastern European outcast who rose against the tyranny (and high taxes) of local ruling elite in the 19th century. Other than that, we have been told if it starts with Z, it would sound way cooler. Now that I think about it, anything would sound cooler than ElectroniX.

1.4 The shipping label still says “ElectroniX Guitar Pedals”. What’s up with that?

The legal name of the company is remained unchanged, it is still ElectroniX Guitar Pedals. Zeibek is the trademark we sell our pedals under. Pickups are still sold under ElectroniX name. So you will still see ElectroniX Guitar Pedals mentioned on occasion.

1.5 You were not open for business in the second half of 2010. Why?

Os went through some rough times in that period. Murat was in Germany and Pinar didn’t have the time to help out. In other words, there was nobody left to build pedals. As good as our rest of staff is, they could do only so much without a paycheck and with nothing to sell. As a result, we had to close our doors for about 6 months. During that period, we had 4 customers who were adversely affected. We made it right by them (They got free pedals as an apology), we didn’t just let them down.

1.6 How can I thank you if I really like what I received?

We can really really really use honest Harmony Central reviews if you have the time, when you have the time. Please consider writing a review there and help out others who would like to know more about Zeibek products. By clicking on the REVIEWS link below, you will be redirected to main reviews page on harmony-central.com, which is -obviously- not moderated by us. You can not only read impartial reviews, but also can write yours if you choose to do so. Please note that if you want to write reviews, please write in under the Zeibek name. The older reviews can be found under the name of ElectroniX.

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1.7 Why would I go with ElectroniX Pedals?

Other than our pedals are cool :), for a variety of reasons:

Musical Perspective: We have 3 goals in mind while we are designing a pedal. It should be versatile, so you would get the absolute maximum performance and wouldn’t rely on more than 1 pedal for a specific effect. Secondly; our pedals are tested under real life conditions, both live and recording. We do not design pedals that are only good for bedroom playing and sound like a toy when you take it to a gig. We offer complete solutions for professional needs. And finally, they sound good :).

Quality Perspective: We are not only musicians, but we are professionals with appropriate educations (maybe more than appropriate). Our pedals were designed by Os in USA with the help and approval of a team of engineers with graduate degrees. Basically, we chose to do what we love and stayed in music business after college. Our pedals are built by quality components and we do not cut corners while we are doing so, yet we manage to ship at unbelievable prices direct from the bench. We offer the best value available. And finally, they look good :).

Economical Perspective: Our pedals are designed and built in USA. We procure parts and components directly from US suppliers. When you buy a pedal from us, your money will stay in the domestic economy of US. That means, you not only are supporting the economy, but also increasing your own welfare by keeping your money inside. Other than that, you know your pedal would be built with quality craftsmanship in US. Joy of getting a US built pedal (or instrument, amp, case, etc for that matter) is priceless. And finally, they perform good :).

Convenience Perspective: We are a small business. You won’t be bounced back and forth between departments when you ask a question or claiming your warranty. You will feel the difference between dealing with corporate machine and personal touch. Your problem will be solved with care and attention, you will feel valuable here. Because you are! The person you talk will probably be the person who will be building or fixing your pedal. And finally, they feel good :).

1.8 Do you give artist endorsement deals?

We have a relatively small operation and don’t have a high markup or an advertisement budget. That being said, it is not out of question. We may consider endorsement deals for active gigging musicians with the right credentials. “Last night I played in the Battle of Bands / sang in the open mic night” or “We are a newly established band with lots of potential” are not the cases we are looking for :).

1.9 How do I purchase your pedals?

We do not have dealers, online or otherwise. That way, we are able to effectively cut the middleman off and keep our prices even more affordable. Your pedal will be shipped directly off the shop.

You can purchase it from our official eBay store or you can purchase them directly from us via e-mail. Just send an email to sales@zeibek.com to start the ordering process. We opt not to open a direct store, because this is the only way we can cope with the high demand. You will find ordering your pedal by directly interacting with us delightful and easy.

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1.10 What does retail price and direct price mean?

Direct price is what you would pay if you order via sending an e-mail to sales@zeibek.com. Retail price, well, is the direct price plus the cuts you give to the third parties.

1.11 How are you?

Oh, that’s cute! We are great! You?

2.1 When can I expect my order to be ready to ship?

If it is paid for before 12 AM Central, it usually is shipped in the same day. However, depending on the work load, the handling time may be up to 48 hours. That does not include custom shop orders.

Keep in mind that you will be getting a hand made pedal, built from scratch. We don’t rush quality, but we have shorter lead time by far when compared to the rest of the industry. We beg you to be reasonable about this. We are only human, accidents and mistakes happen. That being said, 99% of the time, your order will be shipped in a week. It is really mood killer when we receive an angry e-mail just after 3 days of payment. We proud ourselves of the quality of work we do and attention to detail, which you will appreciate when you receive your pedal.

For International Orders: International orders require us to go to post office, stand in the line, fill out customs forms, etc. So we ship international orders twice a week (3-4 days apart).

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2.2 When can I expect my order to arrive?

We exclusively work with USPS. That was a decision based on reliability, predictability and cost. Good ol’ post office delivers right to your mailbox, they have the most retail locations in numbers and they have a centralized system. I personally find their staff knowledgeable and well-trained. They do not update tracking information as religiously as the rest and sometimes fail to deliver on time, but they are the best in terms of overall satisfaction.

For pickups: We ship via USPS First Class Mail Parcel service with official delivery time of 2-5 days. But sometimes it takes around a week for you to receive your order after it was shipped.

For pedals: We ship via USPS Priority Mail service with official delivery time of 2-3 days. But sometimes it takes around 4 days for you to receive your order after it was shipped.

For International Orders:

USPS First Class Mail International: Post Office states the delivery time as “varies”. Because it really depends many factors such as customs clearance time, your domestic postal service delivery time, the time it clears to leave the states, etc. But in our experience; it takes around 10 days for Canada, 2 weeks for the most of Europe (UK to Turkey) and a little more for the rest of the world. That being said, It is not unusual for you to receive it in around 3 weeks, especially around holidays. There is no tracking number available with this service.

USPS Priority Mail International:
Post Office states the delivery time as 6-10 days. It is track-able and you have the option to purchase insurance. If you want insurance, please contact us before paying for the item and we will send you an updated invoice for your purchase. This service costs roughly twice as much as the USPS First Class Mail International. You will be sent a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped and delivery time will be shorter.

USPS First Class International is NOT an insurable service and it is NOT track-able by the you. Only post office can trace the package when inquired by us. That said, it is very reliable, but sometimes delivery times extend over 2 weeks. We do not accept responsibility if your package is lost during transit (which happens 1-2 times in a year for over 1000 shipments), but we will provide you the proof of shipment. To avoid a possible complication, although we believe USPS First Class Mail is perfectly reliable (especially if you live in Canada, Australia and Europe), please choose USPS Priority Mail International.

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2.3 Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

2.4 Is it possible for you to ship my order with UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc? Do you allow local pickups?

First of all, we do not allow local pickups in principle. There are some safety issues which concerns the insurance company about letting people in the shop. Your order will be shipped even if you live within 5 minutes driving distance.

Yes, we can work with any company, but honestly we do not prefer to do so. Make your case and we will help you out in anyway we can.

3.1 What type of warranty comes with my pedal?

Your pedal comes with as-long-as-we-are-alive-and-able type of warranty. That means, we will fix your pedal for free for its life for manufacturing defects. What constitutes to a manufacturing defect is in our sole discretion, doesn’t include but not limited to abuse, misuse or natural aging of the components, paint or parts. OK, we had to write this to protect ourselves from false claims. But we go the extra mile to make you happy and satisfied. The moving parts, mechanical parts, etc is guaranteed for 90 days; which is the same warranty we get from the manufacturer.

For us to fix your pedal under warranty, you only need to include a check to cover the return shipping cost and you are set. If the failure occurs within 30 days of purchase, we will also pay for the shipping on both ends. But please make sure that your pedal isn’t working properly before shipping it back. To this day, we received around 20 pedals back, only 1 of them was actually defective.

You don’t have to buy the pedal directly from us. Second hand pedals are also covered with our warranty promise. That means, we guarantee that every ElectroniX/Zeibek pedal out there is our responsibility to work properly.

If we find a misuse or abuse (meaning it was dropped from the 10th story or washed in a washing machine, etc), we will still fix it or replace it for a reasonable fee. We do not charge “bench” fees upfront.

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3.2 Can I return my pedal? How?

In the unlikely event that a return is requested, all returns must include all original items undamaged, in re-selable condition. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable if you want to return a product without defects or malfunctions. If you believe that the product is failing to function properly or damaged in some ways, we will replace it at not cost. In that case, we will pay all the shipping.

We do our best to describe the pedals we sell. We put pictures, samples and a written description. If it fails to satisfy the requirements of the description or it was misrepresented, we will reimburse the shipping costs as well as giving you the full refund.

It is really important to notify us before returning the pedal. We will NOT process a return if it is not done properly. Please send us an e-mail at info@zeibek.com before doing anything. That doesn’t include eBay purchases, which you should be sending the message via eBay internal messaging system (Ask seller a question, contact seller, send a message links).

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