Fuzz for Everyone! – ElectroniX Fuzz Comparison Guide

For Guitar

LessDrive: LessDrive is a vintage sounding pedal, there is no doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean you will be getting an exact replica of that infamous two transistor pedal. In fact, while the design concept is similar, it doesn’t sound much like it. First of all, LessDrive can easily match up with your dry signal; even can go beyond it regardless of the gain knob position. It is more consistent than the said pedal, the tone doesn’t vary as it warms up or room temperature rises. And finally, it doesn’t muddy up your tone. It’s bass response is just right, it even cleans up the boomy sounding amps. I think the most important feature of this pedal is that it is very articulate. If you don’t want your awesome sounding guitar (with carefully selected tone woods, years of pickup trials, etc) to turn into a ball of fuzz; this is the one you should be going for.

FussDrive: FussDrive is capable of unusually saturated fuzz tone, which wouldn’t expect to hear from a fuzz pedal. However, I don’t consider it as an experimental noise pedal. At full gain, it just sounds very powerful and biting; not at all like a mosquito attack. The initial attack is translated into a world of overtones, with a decreasing intensity as the note decays. It sounds like it may just cry to tears. I would say this pedal is the EXACT OPPOSITE of LessDrive. If you enjoy high gain sizzling fuzz tones, this is the one you should be getting.

BuxomDrive: BuxomDrive is designed to be an all around fuzz and it is by far the smoothest sounding of all three. It can do both low gain and medium-high gain fuzz sounds equally good. When I was a gigging musician (those… were… the… days my friend.), I generally had a couple of dirt pedals in my pedalboard; at least two of them were fuzzes. If I had designed BuxomDrive back then, I would just put it there and be done with fuzz. Because it can touch all the basis with a twist of a couple of knobs and it sounds really pleasing to ear. The other feature I would like to mention is the really phat and muscular fuzz it can produce. So, if you want only “one” fuzz pedal that is versatile enough to do it all for you, you would have to look at BuxomDrive.

For Bass

Too be continued!

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