Information concerning GeminiDrive owners and GeminiDrive MK2

The most versatile bass overdrive is more versatile now, if such a thing is politically possible. All of you would know that I was on a 4 month hiatus. I used that time to improve pedal designs among other things and GeminiDrive should be the most improved design of all. Whole circuit board was updated as well as several key design elements. The most significant ones are:

  • Mod1 and Mod2 switches were combined into two position Texture switch and Sonor switch was introduced. For more detailed information about the new toggles, please check out the GeminiDrive page
  • Some component updates to minimize the true-bypass pops
  • Electronic true-bypass arrangement was replaced with the mechanical true-bypass wiring
  • The addition of power supply filters make it compatible with less-than-adequate power sources and minimize the AC noise
  • Overall tone of the pedal is improved, making it smoother than it was before
  • Gemini mode is unaltered, but the off-mode is now less intense (less weird harmonics (a la fuzz), more even harmonics)

We introduced GeminiDrive just before I closed down the shop. So I know there are 24 GeminiDrives out there including limited edition first run. I am giving you the opportunity to send back your GeminiDrives to be updated to the MK2 specs for almost free. This is not a call-back by any means, because there is nothing wrong with the previous build. You guys always stick with me in good times and in bad times. We truly are a big family and family is important to me.

I will be rebuilding your pedals almost from scratch, because the circuit board and the circuit design are fairly different. I can’t get away with replacing a handful of components. So basically the pedals will be shipped back to you with brand new electronics. All I am asking for you is to cover the return shipping (which is only 5 bucks via USPS Priority Mail within 50 states), that’s all. Please allow around 2 weeks for me to ship them back, because it will be very involved. If you need it sooner than that, I can make it a priority for a very small fee. Ok, let’s start by asking you to send an e-mail directly to me at and please put “GeminiDrive Update Request” on the subject. First come, first serve.

Hoping to hear from you all. If I don’t in 4 weeks, I am gonna dig up the e-mails and will contact you myself. Please don’t make me do that… Please…


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