Sound clips are up for your listening pleasure!

I finally uploaded the sound clips for most of the pedals. This time I used a real amp and real guitar cabinet; they sound really good in my opinion. For more details, please visit the Recording FAQ page. The only pedals without sound samples are StarBlaster and Stronghold. My personal ones were borrowed and were not returned on the promised date, obviously! Who wouldn’t wanna keep them a little longer! Since we will be moving to a new shop space, I already packed the studio. So those samples are gonna have to wait for some time.

Some quick notes I want to share about samples:

  1. My instruments are always setup perfectly. I take care of them. I have a professional recording setup and my rigs are decent. So please do not expect i.e. USDrive to sound this good with a 20 watt solid state amp and a Fender copy far-eastern guitar with intonation all over the place. Do not forget, pedals are complimentary equipments in most cases. I know it is weird coming from a pedal designer, but it is the truth. Before buying my pedals (or any pedal for that matter), put together a decent rig that sounds good to you. There is no magic pedal that accomplishes this instantly. If there is, it would be called Submarine. ;) This is not about how much you spend or how long you would wait in line for boutique instruments, this is about you building your core tone AND THEN expanding it. All I am saying is that you should be liking your sound with or without pedals;  only then you can make the most out of a particular pedal.
  2. StarBlaster III is a very adjustable treble booster. I recorded the samples the way I would use a treble booster. But I am very aware the majority uses it with clean preamp over saturated power amp. Just because I opted to use it with an overdriven preamp over relatively clean power amp doesn’t mean it can’t do both; it is just not my playing style. So please keep this in mind.
  3. AmpleDrive is not a preamp in conventional sense, it has a power amp and transformer section as well. So it is capable of doing that 3 dimensional rock tone. This is why I used a rather primitive solid state power amp – that I put together in 30 min.s using application notes – with it. There is a website concerning this subject. It hasn’t been updated in a while, is not easy to navigate and is a little repetitive; but a good read nonetheless. I think every musician who is obsessed with tone as I do should at least take a look at it. AmpleDrive can also perform as a regular overdrive pedal would, I just thought the earlier setup would demonstrate it better. You should grab your AmpleDrive now, not after 30 years. If you are willing to pay double and have no problem waiting a couple of months for it to pop up on eBay; I would respect your choice as well.
  4. Pedals such as GeminiDrive, Submarine Designer, etc  have too many tonal variations to be demonstrated properly. So I gave up on the idea and recorded adequate numbers of samples. Otherwise I would have to record a couple of dozens of samples for each, which would only confuse you.

To be continued…

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  1. Posted December 17, 2009 at 3:11 AM | Permalink

    After listening to all the bass pedal samples, I literally feel love and hate together!

    I LOVE the pedal tones!
    and I hate the song “Roxanne” now…

    :D cheers!

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