Zeibek to Close Doors Indefinitely


I am sad to announce that I will no longer build pedals. The decision was not easy, yet it is the right one at least for the time being. I suggest reading this whole text as you will find important information when you weed out the personal stuff I pointlessly shared.

For those who are familiar with me and my pedals would remember that we were out of business for about six months last year due to some personal reasons. When I got back, I thought I would never go down again. Addition to that, I was determined to make sure even if I  would have to be absent, the things would still go smoothly. I am disappointed to say neither has been the case for the last 2 months.

The problem of a small specialty business like Zeibek is the difficulty to find appropriate labor when the business grows beyond one person’s reach. The job itself is not repetitive, so there can’t be simple operating procedures to minimize employee mistakes. The nature of my pedals requires extensive knowledge and familiarity with the industry. Even then, the learning curve has been steep enough.

It all comes down to this simple fact: I can’t afford nor allure the people who truly qualifies for the job and the ones I could afford didn’t work out, they let me down consistently. So, in a way, I also can’t afford to afford to hire the ones I can afford anymore.

Basically, I will not build another pedal until I am 100% sure that I can follow through. Being in the music industry is still what I want and I will pursue that as long as I am alive. But at the time being, I will start looking for a corporate desk job like a normal person as soon as I am able and energized; unless I go back to Europe, which is an option.

In any case, I will continue to provide service for the pedals for at least a couple of years more. I still have enough supplies to build 1000 more pedals, so you are gonna be fine. The website is already paid for, so it is gonna be up, too. In short, I am not disappearing.

That being said, I have around 200 pedals at hand. I will start selling/trading (with musician toys) them soon. I may even lower the prices a bit, because it is gonna be tough to store everything when I close the workshop.

With Love,


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